Signing the Tenancy Agreement

Your Ideal Home Is Found

Once you’ve found your new home we will present your application to the Property Owner. Please remember that all applications for a property are subject to final approval by the Property Owner. Often there will be more than one application for a property at any given time.

Signing the Tenancy Agreement

If your application has been successful, you will be required to sign the Tenancy Agreement at our office within 48 hrs.

Upon signing a lease, you will be required to pay bond or rent in advance.  Prior to collecting keys you will be required to pay your bond (4 weeks rent) and 2 weeks rent in advance. This initial payment can only be made by Bank cheque or cash.

Rest assured our fully trained Property Managers will explain all the essential clauses and ensure that you fully understand the terms of the agreement.

They will also explain:
·       Urgent repairs
·       Ending the agreement
·       Additional terms & conditions
·       Bond lodgment
·       Condition report
·       Direct Debit rental payments

Things to do once you have secured the property

·       If you are currently renting, inform your landlord you’ll be moving. This is required in writing.
·       Arrange a final inspection at your old place
·       Cancel accounts with current utilities and settle any outstanding accounts
·       Arrange with the Post Office to have your mail redirected to your new address
·       Organise contents insurance to protect your personal belongings
·       Arrange to have utilities connected at your new property.
·       Make an appointment with the Property Manager to collect the keys

On the day you move in, when you leave the office you will have:

·       The keys to your new home
·       Condition report
·       Receipts for bond and rent
·       Rental Folder outlining your rights and responsibilities as a tenant
·       A copy of your lease agreement